Blackmailers and extortionists

Emmanuel Tetteh (Nicholas AnnerteyTetteh)

Everything started out well with Emmanuel. Then came the requests for transport, school fees, rent, doctors’ bills, and funeral bills –all within a few months.  His friend had enough and told him he could no longer cope with all the dramas in his life coupled by the requests for money. Emmanuel’s response was to arrive at the man’s office with the police, one of the arresting officers being Emmanuel’s uncle… He had a fake ID claiming he was 17, alleged that he’d been raped, and claiming that his anus was now bleeding. Luckily, he didn’t win but is now back online looking for his next catch. Word is the police are still looking for him.

Gaydar: Mrnicholas1988
Emails: or or
Mobile: 0242247305
DOB:  15 May 1984 (on one ID), or 23 September 1984 (on another ID, believed to be real).  He also has a third ID which listed him as 17 used for extortion

Bright Harvey

Another Christian village boy who scams with his uncle Watara Toto from Nigeria. Expect blackmail, fake visa scams and 419.

Manjam: bright2010

Frank List (or Listowel) aka Frank Avorsey aka Kelvin Jege aka Kofi aka Jegejege aka…

Frank List aka Frank Avorsey

Frank is well known for providing ‘services’, usually for visitors to Ghana. He has a price list for what he offers and many people have paid and gone away satisfied. In fact, he has treated some visitors so well that he his public image is of someone honest and reliable. His charm and confidence have won him many least to those that have not seen his other side!

Because he has access to Whites, and therefore money, he commands respect from the people around him – enough to make him a gang leader? That is the rumour we are hearing and he introduces the young boys into this business, rules by fear and expects his cut of the money.

Most people are aware that many of his friends are scammers, such as Godwin Agomavi, Robbin Hernman, George Kosivi/Morris, Christian Agunor and Bismark Mensah. Surprisingly, people happily accept this and justify it by saying he has to keep them as friends to protect himself from them!

Frank Avorsey and George Morris

We know for a fact, that Frank repeatedly introduces his contacts to his friends even after they have scammed others. We know for a fact that George Kosivi/Morris is one of the scammers he continues to introduce to people who trust Frank with their security. Frank is expert at appearing innocent of what it going on. When he’s confronted about this, his explanations are confused and contradictory.

We also know that he has introduced boys as sex partners who are under the legal age.

In 2009, Frank claimed there was an agent in Accra who could obtain shengen visas for 2000 Euros. The agent was apparently called Richard Buju, email, phone: 0205 64 63 91. The phone number is actually one of Frank’s multiple numbers he uses. Richard Buju is none other than Frank!

See the section on Christopher Agunor to see what Frank’s Photoshop skills can achieve!

Fake hospital receipt

Frank also claimed hopsital expenses and emailed a fake receipt to collecGH5,000! The receipt is obviously fake, yet perhaps if you do not live in Ghana you would not know.

Ever wondered why Franks profile is luckkelvin2007? Because in 2007 his wife gave birth to a son who they named Kelvin.

The bottom line is this. If Frank is not a scammer and what he says is true – that he doesn’t realise his boys scam, that he cannot be responsible for them and that he didn’t realise the visa was fake, etc – then his judgement is not to be trusted. Frank has been made aware of all these things yet still continues as before protesting his innocence!

Location: Christian Village

Gaydar: luckkelvin2007
Facebook: and!/profile.php?id=100000707041259
Yahoo: franklist3
Phone: 0540 92 42 32 and 0205 64 63 91

George Kosivi aka George Morris aka Bole

George Morris

George does not appear to have any profiles on dating sites at the moment, although he’s on Facebook. He therefore relies on introductions to his victims and his friend Frank List often does this for him.

Although not particularly good looking his charm is that he comes across as softly spoken, modest, kind and with a sweet smile. That is until he scams you!

After sex, you will find yourself meeting the police and some thugs and possibly Godwin Agomavi’s family members. He may produce a used condom as evidence of your crime, may claim he is under the legal age and that he is not gay and you forced him into it. You will be asked to pay money or go to prison, they may force you to go to the ATM and withdraw from your savings or with your credit card.

He has known to have taken people to Michael Agomavi’s house built for him by his ex-boyfriend from Australia. It has been  described as an open plan apartment, much bigger than the others in the area, with beautiful furniture and equipment. Could it be a coincidence that George’s email has the ending ‘au’ for Australia?

Location: Christian Village


Yahoo ID: george_kosivi2000

Tel: 0248 42 72 05

Godwin Agomavi

Godwin Agomavi

Godwin Agomavi aka Godwin Listowell, son of Michael Agomavi.

Godwin’s real profile is on gaydar as ‘sonylove’.

However, he does not access this much as he sets up many profiles with fake pictures on gayromeo. He sets up a new profile almost everyday and they are regularly deleted but he almost always mentions his “11” cock”. His recent profiles are:


The best thing is to check the profile we have attached (below) and note the points in red. Also note the email address and phone numbers below so that you can identitfy him. In these fake profiles he has called himself James and says he lives at Legon.

Currently ‘deep_for_love’ on gayromeo but the profiles won’t last long.

Godwin works hand in hand with his father, Michael Agomavi, who also engages in homosexual activity. Once Godwin has got you into bed, the father will burst in with his gang and maybe some corrupt policeman. Michael is a nasty piece of work and we have heard that he organises the young boys at Christian Village to participate in his criminal activities. He rules with fear and threats.

Godwin, not being blessed with good looks, (see ‘Three arrested for fraud’ in the links section). has used better looking men as bait. When meeting is arranged with your good looking contact, Godwin will be present. He will be sexually aggressive, coming on very strong, in order to get you  into bed. If you ever find yourself in his presence you should immediately make a polite excuse, without letting on you know something is wrong, and leave.

We have been informed that he drives a dark blue metallic Suzuki station car and also poses as a (gay) tourist guide. He sometimes produces a used condom as evidence to the police.

He has also worked with Christian Agunor. See Three arrested for fraud

Location: Christian Village


PO Box 429 Achimota Market

Tel: +233 543 03 82 76 and +233 247 46 06 27


Click to enlarge


Henry / Paul


Godwin has used this guy as bait.

He is almost certainly straight but uses his looks and body in order to attract you. When you meet him the ugly Godwin may well be present who will then move in with his pushy behaviour.

He goes by the name of Henry or Paul.

Recon: henrydave
Email: and
One profile lists him as Ben with the email: although this may be another faker.

David Ahoe (Daniel) / David Donyoh

David Ahoe

He calls himself Daniel and if you meet him you will be entering the lion’s den! He’s a blackmailer.

His profile is currently ‘mantomanoneonone’ on manjam and lookingforgood on bgclive.

In the past he had multiple profiles on gaydar as skinny11 or on GayRomeo as real_love_2.

To find out what he is capable of, go to AFRIBOYZ Forum.

Location: Christian Village

Gayromeo: good_to_good

Email: or

Also James on hi5:–James–html



The French and English speaking Duvasty claims to be Ghanaian. He is on almost every dating and social networking site. A Google search for Duvasty will show you the extent of his activity.

He has called himself Duvasty Chikale and Duvasty Wisdom amongst others.

Also looking for a woman at

Recently met a foreigner then returned with corrupt police to extort money. His family are aware of his criminal activities and support him in it.

One of his yahoo id: duvasty_03
Tel: +233 242 782630

Frank Effah

Frank Effah

Changes his profiles on a regular basis. Currently ‘needy4uandme’ on gaydar.

Scammed one of his victims after meeting them on Labadi beach in the middle of the day, leading to kidnap and attempted extortion. Has claimed to be a sex escort and porn star! He is a charming and intelligent man and can easily win your confidence. Be wise.

Now has his own laptop and internet connection in his room. Scamming is obviously a lucrative business!

Yahoo ID: stillfaith50
Gayromeo: swearmeto


Tel: +233 277 08 51 17

Robbin Hernman

Robbin Hernman

He seems to be offline at the moment but that doesn’t mean that you won’t meet him through introductions.

He blackmailed a Norwegian man with whom he had sex costing the man US$1000 in police bribes to get free. There have been many reports of him stealing from his contacts rooms.

He is currently on manjam as ‘voulture’.

Yahoo id: robbin_hernman
Gaydar: abetor


Our deceivers are serious scammers who will win your confidence then ask you to send large sums of money. Some of these scams are known as advance fee fraud or 419. Money is requested because of arrest at the airport, to escape imprisonment by corrupt local officials, to pay for medical expenses, and so on.

Wumpini Ridwan

Wumpini is the master story teller. He also uses the same themes used successfully by many scammers. He starts with the old story – he knows there are lots of bad Ghanaians and scammers are out there but…well he’s not one of them. And if you stick with him you’ll be protected. And guess what – he’d had a white boyfriend before but he’d died! Wumpini communicated over a period of time with his target, with phone calls, emails and sms. He spoke of his undying love and desire to marry and relocate. And as luck would have it, a travel agent was able to get him a visa but he needed 5,000 euro. Whilst waiting for the documents, his”sister” had a birthday and really wanted a laptop. The money was sent.

Now the drama begins. Wumpini came to Accra (he supposedly lived in Tamale although his pictures tell a different story) and his mother gets shot in troubles in Tamale. So he had to spend all the money sending her to Burkina Faso where the hospitals are apparently better than in Ghana. After 1.5 months she’s well and he wants to try to travel again. In the meantime, his target has sent money for, food, clothing, internet, etc and is no longer willing to send another 5,000 euro. Wumpini provided lots of documents to convince his target – fake visa, fake documents from the tourist board and immigration – which, those in Ghana would be able to immediately identity as amateur creations. His target finally noticed discrepencies in the dates of his documents and told him so.

the “younger brother”

This was the reply:

“All my documents are fake, I’m not from Ghana and I have no family here in Ghana. I’m sent from God to fight and stop Gay life, I hate Gay men and also white people for treating black like slaves, if u don’t know I’m ur enemy, I use more than 10 names for my project and I’m master planner. Try to be wise like the other white people cheat blacks during the oldern days, stop Gay life, go back to ur wife and take care of ur kids.”

“I have the recording videos which I put on software to play as video, white people made this fake webcam chat and we are using it against them. I have no brother and no sister. I’m not a Ghanaian. Ur are hunting others not me, everything is Fake. The pics I use I got them on including his videos.”

None of the following details may be true but this is what he has been using:

Wumpini Ridwan
P.O. Box 479 TL
Northern Region
Date of Birth: 17.09.1985
Passport number:  H2425502 
Cell: +233244872234
Name: Nuhu Abu-hassan
Street: P.O. Box 479 TL
Date of birth: 12/01/1990
Voter ID: 26282408
Bank where money was sent
Account Name: Nuhu Abu-Hassan
Account Number: 401 112 5709
Swift Code: ZEBLGHAC
Branch: Tamale, Ghana

Daniel Kehinde / Bolo Young

Daniel Kehinde has been operating on facebook. He claims Bolo Young is his christian name and Kehinde is his fetish name. Pretends he is gay- but is just a thug who wants your money. Claims he is half Nigerian and half Ghanaian.

Some of his stories:

  • had to flee Nigerian witchcraft to the safe haven of Ghana.
  • The police think he killed his grandmother who he says died in his home – wants $2,000 to bribe the police and $5, 000 for the funeral.
  • Needs money as his daughter had been kidnapped because he was gay.

He may look like a muscle guy but he just wants to be your bitch as he wrote in this excerpt from an email (all spellings are his):

“you can see for true I dey strong boro man full of muscul but I will be your girlfriend. I can give you the good sex in your life and be the down for you like a woman. it is no easy for a strong man like me to accep to be your girlfriend i hop you understand that. my penis and bottom is the hot chokolet too sweet for you.”

Phone: +233-277-363-044
Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100000616483432

Peter Zuma Myers / Timmy Jones

Peter Myers / Timmy Jones

Peter, Timmy or whatever his real name is, is actually a gang based in Nigeria, Ghana and possibly the UK. They weaved an elaborate story involving his father’s inheritance, being arrested at the airport, car crashes and a voodoo priest. They use the typical 419 scams after the front man has one your confidence with his ‘love’.
The pictures are probably fake but he uses them on his profiles.

Profiles he is using on different websites are peterluvmyers, zumapetermeyers, gayintimmy.
He currently appears to be active on adam4adam as zumapetermeyers and is claiming to be in
Bishopscote, Luton, UK.

He says he is 33, 5’9″ tall, 198lbs with a 32″ waist.

Last locations Lagos and Accra & Tema in Ghana.

Phone numbers he’s using:
UK +44 75 08 59 19 88
SA+27 114 61 33 95,
Ghana +233 541 05 35 71
Nigeria +234 8071 47  63 15, +234 7066 84 28 08
Gaydar: neewblow
Messenger: MSN
Yahoo: &

Second name used: Timmy Jones

Email: &


Williams O Adeleke, 14 Abibuoki, Lagos Island district 23.
Maureen Cole, claimed to work with South African High Commission.


Barrister Mensah Coscharis

Ghana: +233 541 23 07 55
Nigeria: +234 8037 55 04 91
Email address:

Jay Adeyemi, the Bank account holder in the UK and used for transferring money


Jesley Saroy, Assistant of the judge in Ghana

David Michaels, his’ uncle’ in the UK, 86 Mersa House, 104 Harts Lane, Barking Essex, UK
Voodoo Priest Baba, Oré, Ondo state, Nigeria, +2348069065675

Jerry Sellasie

Email:, +233277685784 & +2348051214227

Philip Andoh Tarqwa


Boo Hoo Boys Gang: They want to make you cry

This little gang of children like to cry a lot. You know the kind of stories – orphan, live on streets, sick sister. They work as a team, each one playing a different role in the scam.
Someone calling themselves Andrews Richard Nartey does the catch but a friend has to type for him because he is too illiterate to do it himself. We have not confirmed whether it is really him or someone using his name so you don’t get to see his pictures….yet. But the email being used was

Member Joseph Petit De Carter

Petit De Carter

Petit De Carter (He no longer uses Joseph)
On facebook he now calls himself Petit de Carter Kreger
Born: 05 October 1990

Petit calls himself the ‘boss’ which means you take responsibility!  On facebook he lists his profession as gangstar – obviously proud to be a criminal. He likes to boast of how he spends his victims money and show off his new clothes.After the scam was up, he came on cam and abused the victim. He said he was the boss of the gang and showed off the clothes he had bought with the illegal money. He’s got a big mouth but is crying now he has been caught.

Location: Community 15 Tema

Mobile: 0247 794300
Yahoo ID: the_boy_petit2005

Facebook: Petit De Carter Kreger
Top Shattez

Member Emmanuel Cobbinah

Emmanuel Cobbinah

He received ther money transfers from their victims along with Emmanuel Lartey

Age: 17 or 18
Location: tema



Gervin Addo / Ohene Faruku / Ohene Nii Addo

Gervin Addo / Ohene Faraku

Gervin has used almost every scam in the book, such as being arrested at the airport, car crash, a fake visa – the list goes on. He has a small team who help him with his deceit. And why does one man need so many email addresses!

Location: Tema
Tel: 0244 92 36 95 and 0204 43 71 58
Facebook: Ohene Nii Addo
Address: P.O. Box C/O 1501 Tema

Shadrach Owusu

Shadrach Owusu

Shadrach’s recent scam involved gold and a ‘crisis’ at the airport with a request to send money urgently! The fake panic is intended to get you to act without thinking.

As shad508 on gayromeo he writes:

“Hello MY SWEET THINGS,I’m 23yrs guy looking for a someone to love…please email me( IS MORE MOTION IN THE OCEAN…KISSES”

Shadrach Owusu’s fake female picture

Oh wait, he’s turned into a woman at:
collarme where he writes:

“Hello MY SWEET THINGS,I’m 25yrs lady looking for a someone to love…please email me( IS MORE MOTION IN THE OCEAN…KISSES”

Well, looking at his pics at Hi5, he looks like a good Christian boy. So what do you pray for in church Shad – instant forgiveness or do you thank your god for the opportunities he gives you to scam innocent people?

Benjamin Tetteh

Benjamin Tetteh

Ben has recently deleted all his profiles claiming people are using them to scam! Hmmmmm….I think you deleted them cause we caught you! Anyway keep your eyes open in case he starts again.
He used to be fuckingass4u on gayromeo and gaydar.

There are serious doubts whether Ben is really gay. For example, on a discussion about what attracts white women to black men at Topix (user name ‘seriously seeking’), he writes:

am a gentle,honest,sexy ,romantic black guy seeking for a white woman to be with for the rest of my life,,,

In his gay identity he wrote:

“i have been in this game all my life..

have lots of whites who we can tackle them massively..but now want to hit real big money.”

And this is what was reported from someone who came to Ghana to meet him.

He “pretended that the police were after us got my camera and 200 cds as bribe then pretended to get me out of the country and scamming for the 3500 aust. dollars to buy him a ticket to come to australia and escape the police. i offered to pay for the ticket – not send money- but the offer was refused; my main problem is that i came and gave so much and then he tried for more. i set up a recording studio in tamale for him and his future and he tried to rip me off.”

Ben has also got a very bad reputation for requesting money and gifts.

Location: Tema
Yahoo id: emashipintin
Facebook: Bless Flexy Dizzy
Tel +233 207 40 80 59

Alfred Nageh/Atiso

Alfred Nageh aka freeda

Also known as ‘acidwisdom’ and ‘bassam’ on gayromeo and nageh766 on Hi5.

As bassam he is a top in Ivory Coast but as acidwisdom he is a bottom in Tema

Some reported that he can be violent but this has not been confirmed.

Being ‘gay’ is mostly his business which he uses to request money for a sick sister or other such things. He also seems to be operating in Ivory Coast.

He also has profiles on straight dating sites and sometimes claims to be an American soldier. On facebook he claims he is a “ladies man”.

Facebook: Image Atiso
Tel: +233 277 24 90 50

Money Boys

Hey we all need help from time to time and there’s no harm in asking, right? When you’ve been with your partner for a long time it’s good to help each other out but the money guys are too fast to request money.

There are hundreds of these boys on the gay dating sites so this is only a small selection.

Eugene Kofi aka Eugine Coffie aka Abubakhari Fuseini

Eugine KofiClaims to be Liberian and sometimes claims to be living there. Is probably only out for money which he can be aggressive in asking for. Seems to be illiterate as uses other men in the cafes to do his typing for him. When you talk or email him it may not actually be him replying. Be prepared for stories such as malaria, stomach ache, doctors bills, school fees, etc. He seems to have a Liberian and Ghanaian ID cards and has used a Nigerian phone number.

His profiles are deleted often so none are listed here.

Email: and

Patrick Ebo Williams

Patrick Williams

Patrick is gay. But after short conversations he can claim to bestarving, have no money and is an ‘orphan’. He claims to be looking for work to pay for his school. Yet this cannot be true as he is on the internet 24 hours a day.
Used to be quite abusive if money was refused but seems to have learnt to control his temper recently.

A few foreigners (often prompted by Patrick) have written to say he’s a nice guy, that they have met him and he was helpful. This may all be true. But we know he is always begging online and have many reliable reports of this including from this admin.

Also see this facebook discussion for evidence on how he misleads.

lordlugarrd from gayromeo
newman2000 on manjam
Lives in Takoradi

Email: medowu2006@yahoo

David Tumawu

David Tumawu

He is currently why-me on gayromeo and am_honest_david at gaylog but he likes to change his profile on a regular basis. Has now progressed to 419 scams.

Lives at Praku apparently with his grandfather. Just wants money.

Yahoo ID: david_tumawu (Yahoo seems to have deleted his account after his 419 messages!)
Tel: +233 278 02 19 86

Bruce Fening


He seems to be off the gay dating sites at the moment although you can find him on facebook where he calls himself Bruce Fening Kruger. Interesting that Petit (found elsewhere on this website) has also given himself this last name.

He used to be boy_bruce2005 on gayromeo and boy_bruce2005 on gaydar but changed his profile all the time. Currently fening13 on manhunt (Aug/2013). He tells stories that he is orphan since his parents died in a car accident. He then requests money and if you don’t send it becomes very angry.

Email: brucefening@rocketmail.comYahoo ID: element1100



This guy loves to keep changing his profiles! He has four profiles on BGClive fittest_lad and cute_as_hell seem to be active.

Interestingly, he has suspended fittest_lad as “i finally got someone on this page and i wanna stay with him foreever” BUT he has kept his other profile on the same site, cute_as_hell, is still active! His other two are: loli_pop4you and fit_as_fuck He tells stories about accidents, robbery, order to request money.

Don’t waste your time.

Yahoo ID: sexyhotguy10

Nathaniel Abayateye  Aka Frank

Nathaniel Abayateye

He used to sell ‘traditional medicines for penis enlargement’ for which you should pay in advance by Western Union!

Lives in Tema.

Gaydar: dollydick2003

Yahoo ID: the_boy_frank

Richard Neewhang

Reports came in that he request 150 Euro for school fees and pretended that he collect funds for an orphanage. He said he had already blackmailed a guy who was cheating him and wasn;t serious. He could just be bragging but take care. If anyone has pics please send them. Lives in Kaneshie.

prickson3 on

Yahoo ID: neewhangr

Seth Mensah

Seth Mensah

He seems to be offline now. Only wants to request money – doesn’t even want to pretend you are friends! Expect to get a money request in the first few minutes of conversation and to be cut off if you don’t want to pay!

Lives in Tema

Yahoo: sethboi

Bruce Fening Kreger

Violent Thieves

Iddrisu Rahaman

Iddrisu Rahaman

This guy is back online. He’s a nasty piece of work giving Moslems a bad name. We know that he has enticed a guy to Tema, beat him up and robbed him. How many more people has he attacked who are too scared to tell their stories? Catch him on

Manjam & Gaydar: rahaman4real
Location: Tema, community 1

Alphonse Ayitey Kokou

Alphonse Ayitey Kokou (bisharko)

This 26 year old claims to be Ghanaian but he’s actually a Francophone.

He is ‘kully1’ on GayRomeo and ‘alphonseforyou1’ on manjam

After sending his nude pictures, his victim rushed to meet him at Christian Village (online he often claims to be from Achimota). Alphonse and his gang slapped the guy around, insutled and robbed him. Check him on StartVG


Recon: dominantmaster212
Emails:,, and
Tel: +233 245 20 15 92